How to apply

The last call for applications has been closed.


R&D project lifecycle

The R&D projects under the Green Innovation Vouchers scheme follow a five-stage process:


Interested SMEs should submit the application form in cooperation with their selected R&D service provider to

In addition to the basic information about the enterprise, the application requires a description of the R&D service that the enterprise plans to purchase, including detailed environmental benefits.


Submitted applications are reviewed and approved by a committee against a set of eligibility criteria. These include resource efficiency potential, scalability and transferability of the expected project results to other companies/sectors/industries and the level of innovation.

Depending on the number of applications received, the EBRD will publish on this website the expected completion date of the applications screening. The EBRD may temporarily suspend the application process if an excessive number of applications have been received. Communication regarding the SMEs awarded with the Green Innovation Vouchers will be made directly to the SMEs and on this website.


Following the award of the vouchers to the successful applicants, an R&D service contract and a Green Innovation Voucher Agreement will be signed, including the Terms of Reference of the project and the amount of the voucher.

As a general rule, approved R&D projects shall be completed within 6 months from the signing date of the agreement. The GIVS Manager monitors the project execution.

Completion and disbursement

At the completion of the R&D project, the enterprise will be responsible to pay the R&D service provider and then submit the requested evidence together with the disbursement request to the EBRD. Detailed information about the evidence to be provided by the enterprise will be included in the agreement. Following the successful check of the evidence provided, the EBRD will proceed with the disbursement of the voucher.


The EBRD reserves the right to visit the enterprise to assess the impact of the R&D project as well as evaluation of the scheme and better planning of future application calls.