The rules of the scheme

Eligible beneficiaries

To be eligible, enterprises need to:

  • be a green technology end-user or supplier, interested in developing an eco- and resource-friendly product/service/process
  • be a privately owned Serbian small or medium-sized enterprise
  • be active in the market for more than 2 years
  • have above 10 employees, inclusive
  • have a stable financial position
  • with no affiliation to the R&D service provider (e.g. family ties, shared premises or facilities, joint ownership, financial interest, overlapping directors).

Enterprises should meet all of the above criteria and not belong to the banking, military, lottery, tobacco or alcohol industry.

Enterprises and their management should be credible and respectable with no previous or ongoing legal proceedings which may affect the implementation of the R&D project or constitute reputational risk to the EBRD or the donor.

One voucher is available per participating enterprise, while within the same R&D project enterprises can collaborate with no more than three R&D service providers (R&DSPs).

Applying enterprises should not be engaged with an R&D service provider for the same R&D service that is intended to benefit from the scheme.

SMEs should demonstrate their ability to share the costs of their R&D project.

Eligible R&D Services

Eligible R&D services aim to support green innovation that must result in measurable environmental benefits. The following types of R&D services are eligible:

  • proof of concept/development/prototyping/testing/certification of a new product/service/process
  • innovative improvement of an existing product/service/process
  • tailored training/consulting in innovation management and intellectual property.

Examples of development of a new product/service/process include:

  • technology or industrial design of a new product/service/process
  • customization an existing product/service/process for a new type of customers.

Examples of testing of a new product/service/process include:

  • material/product testing
  • equipment testing
  • installation/process testing
  • using precision tools for testing
  • benchmarking.

Certification of a new product/service/process refers to obtaining any kind of national or international certification documents related to material, product, service, technical process which allow the beneficiary SME to implement a green technology, or expand its market reach through a certified green process, product, technology. Management system certifications such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 are not eligible.

Consulting in intellectual property includes:

  • patent application and registration
  • due diligence of IP
  • determination of the most suitable methods for protection of IP
  • national and international registration of IP such as patents and trade marks for goods and services.

This list of eligible services is not an exclusive one. If a potential beneficiary SME provides solid proof that its project will generate significant environmental benefits as a result of some other services, the evaluation committee may decide to approve such a service as an eligible one.

Please refer to the Projects section to see some examples of projects that can be supported by the scheme.

Green Innovation Vouchers cannot be used to cover the costs of R&D services such as:

  • sales, marketing, import and export activities
  • advice in the areas of law, human resources, accounting, taxation, ICT
  • business plans and strategies, costs analysis, general business consultancy
  • activities that may be readily provided by the non-R&D sector.

Vouchers cannot be used for R&D services that have already started, are on-going or completed.

In the case your planned services cannot be supported by the scheme please contact the EBRD Advisory for Small Businesses and check if your services can be co-financed by other EBRD programmes in Serbia.

Eligible R&D service providers

An initial list of R&D service providers (R&DSPs) that are eligible to offer R&D services within the scheme has been prepared based on their expertise in green innovation.

Additional local R&D organizations including enterprises (e.g. engineering design and software companies) may apply to provide their services under the scheme after submitting the pre-qualification form to An enterprise can be either a service provider or a beneficiary, but cannot be both even for different projects. Individual consultants are not eligible to provide R&D services under the scheme. The EBRD will regularly update the list of eligible R&D service providers.


R&D service provider Web address
01.  Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade
02.  Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade
03.  Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade
04.  Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade
05.  Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade
06.  School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
07.  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade
08.  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
09.  Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade
10.  Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade
11.  Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade
12.  Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade
13.  Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade
14.  The Nikola Tesla Institute of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
15.  Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade
16.  Vinča Institute of Nuclear Science, University of Belgrade
17.  Institute of Physics Belgrade, University of Belgrade
18.  Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade
19.  Institute “Mihajlo Pupin”, University of Belgrade
20.  Institute for Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade
21.  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad
22.  Faculty of Civil Engineering in Subotica, University of Novi Sad
23.  Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad
24.  Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad
25.  Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad
26.  “Mihajlo Pupin” Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin, University of Novi Sad
27.  Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment, University of Novi Sad
28.  Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Niš
29.  Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš
30.  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš
31.  Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Niš
32.  Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, University of Niš
33.  Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac
34.  Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering in Kraljevo, University of Kragujevac
35.  Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac
36.  Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Kragujevac
37.  Research and Development Institute RT-RK
38.  IMS Institute
39.  Institute of Forestry
40.  Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor
41.  Lola Institute
42.  Institute of General and Physical Chemistry
43.  Institute for Development of Water Resources “Jaroslav Černi”
44.  Institute of Applied Science in Agriculture
45.  Institute BioSense
46.  Institute for Technology of Nuclear and other Mineral Raw Materials
47.  Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”
48.  Institute for Animal Husbandry
49.  Intellectual Property Office
50.  Matchematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts
51.  Innovation Center of the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
52.  Innovation Center of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade
53.  Innovation Center of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade
54.  Research and Development Center “ALFATEC”
55.  Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology
56.  Singidunum University
57.  Institute of Food Technology
58.  Innovation centre of advanced technologies ICNT d.o.o.
59.  Institute of field and vegetable crops Novi Sad
60.  EDUCONS University
61.  Scientific veterinary institute “Novi Sad”
62.  Institute of Pesticides and Environmental Protection
63.  Institute for Plant Protection and Environment
64.  Faculty of Applied Sciences, Union – Nikola Tesla University
65.  Innovation Center of the University of Nis
66.  Faculty of Applied Ecology FUTURA
67.  Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje
68.  College of Applied Technical Sciences Niš

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