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Green Innovation Vouchers Scheme for Serbia

Green technologies and resource efficiency are one of the core elements of transition to the green economy that sees economic growth working in harmony with social and environmental sustainability. Resource efficiency means using natural resources such as energy, materials and water in an efficient and sustainable manner throughout their life cycle (from extraction, via distribution, transformation, and consumption, to waste disposal) while minimising impacts on the environment.

In Serbia, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has launched the Green Innovation Vouchers (GIVs) scheme to boost the innovation capacity of domestic enterprises in the field of green technologies and resource efficiency by linking them to local R&D service providers (R&DSPs). The resulting cooperation will enable participating enterprises to raise their environmental performance and competitiveness.

Green Innovation Vouchers are grants that help enterprises to cover 90 per cent of the eligible R&D service costs, up to €20,000 for standard and €50,000 for mega vouchers (excl. VAT). The R&D service will enable SMEs to develop new products, services and processes, or innovate existing ones, in order to improve resource efficiency, thus supporting transition to the green economy. 

The scheme is funded by the Austrian DRIVE (Delivering Resource Efficiency InVEstments) Programme. The implementation of the scheme is supported by the Central European Initiative (CEI).